How to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Wedding

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You want everything in your wedding to be special, including the furniture. Many people are not choosy when it comes to wedding furniture – they take the first that they can get and throw chair and table covers on and hold their event. The good news is that without spending too much more money you can get stylish looking furniture that will make your event much more memorable. Here are tips to use when you are choosing wedding furniture.

1. Start by finding out how many people will be coming to your wedding reception. If you get too few chairs you will end up with a lot of guests standing, and this may cause them to leave as they are uncomfortable. If you get too many chairs you will be losing money on furniture that you’re not using. You should try to be as accurate as possible. If everyone has RSVP’s then you should add a few chairs to the number.
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2. Choose you style based on the theme of your wedding. If you will be having a contemporary wedding and then you choose Victorian furniture everything will look out of place. You should also look at the style of the room where you will be holding your wedding reception. If you hold it in a marquee you are free to choose whatever kind of furniture you want.

3. Although many people don’t know it, you can actually hire a bar. It gives your wedding a more authentic feel and people have an easier time getting drinks. If you decide that you will choose bar hire choose one that matches the rest of your furniture.

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4. You will not see sofas in many wedding receptions but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have them in yours. Aside from ordinary chairs, hire a few couches so that guests can unwind if they feel like it. They also provide more informal seating.

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Sofa selection ideas for weddings


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5. If you have a small wedding party, you should consider renting furniture from a small furniture hire company. They tend to have handmade furniture which is quite beautiful. Because you have small wedding party you will be able to get chairs for all of them and it will not cost you too much.

6. Work with a company that is known not just for exceptional furniture but also for good customer service. Planning a wedding can be stressful especially if you are rushing to get everything done. If you work with a company that is not known for being helpful to their customers you will be even more stressed.

7. Make sure that the furniture is delivered and arranged on time. The last thing you want is your reception being delayed because the furniture hire company is late.

As you can see, choosing wedding furniture can be quite easy if you know what to look for.

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