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Fungal toxins and adulterants are synonymous with food supplies around the world. The same can also be said for Listeria and E coli, which has lead to countless sicknesses and even deaths for scores of people every year.


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With all these harmful and lethal toxins nestled within the food and snacks we consume, many wonder why stringent policies are not working. No truer is this then when it comes to the governing bodies – who have ultimately failed when it comes to protecting consumer lives. However, improving and regulating food safety cannot be secured by just one agency or watchdog group. It must be a proactive and conscientious effort on the part of all participants in the food chain.

This includes food businesses and establishments, which must bond together to eliminate the ongoing threat of “food scares”. In order to establish a comprehensive and cohesive safety plan, businesses must take a pre-competitive stance across the board. This means ensuring rigid steps are taken for food safety – as a prerequisite before trying to outshine the competition.

As a global leader in snacks, Mars is attempting to combat food scares within its enterprise. With the launching of the Mars Global Food Safety Center (GFSC), the company has embarked on building food safety collaboration with leading rivals and competitors. This will help foster greater awareness up and down the food chain – including industries, charitable organizations, governments, and especially researchers.

While this step should be applauded across the world, it is truly a mammoth undertaking on the part of Mars. In fact, they have spent years collaborating with other companies in order to secure uniformity in food safety. The GFSC also would not have been created without the countless and endless hours of Mars employees and safety regulators.

While Mars recently took the lead for making its products safer for consumption, the drive actually began back in 2010. That was a banner year for food-safety related issues, which were truly taking a toll on the global food supply chain. With the Chinese melamine milk scandal, researchers and development specialists within Mars were already on the pulse of this global hazard. This included a way to improve on technological breakthroughs in food safety – sciences that had not really progressed since the 1960s.

As part of the initiative, Mars representatives hosted a three-day summit with food managers in China. From food safety measures to implementation, the meeting drew on the concerns of the global community. As a result of the meeting, Mars forged ahead with uniting several companies to tackle food scare issues worldwide.

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