Best SEO Practices to be a SEO Hero

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Best SEO Practices to be a SEO Hero

Are you having trouble driving traffic to your website? Don’t worry, here are some best practices that will help you get top rank in SEO. SEO does not require technical skills, you just have to understand the basic elements of SEO. Structuring your page for SEO is something that you can do on your own.

Take a look at the best practices so you can enter for the SEO Hero Challenge.

Title Tags

The title of the page tells the search engines what your page is about. It also tells the search engine the page on your website is related to a certain keyword. It is important that the title of the page must be unique. If the user has searched for the keyword the search engine will highlight the phrase. As a result of this, the visibility and the click-through rate will increase.

What should you do?

  • Write the tag following this pattern.
  • Primary Keyword-Secondary Keyword and then brand name.
  • Avoid using matching title names.
  • Keep in mind the title must contain no more than 55 characters.

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are important in getting the users to click through. The will take the user from the search engine results page to your website. When writing Meta descriptions you must use keywords sensibly. The content must be compelling on which the user would want to click.

  • Write the Meta description keeping in mind this format.
  • The content must be persuasive.
  • It is best to use to avoid using similar Meta descriptions.
  • Avoid using non-alpha characters and quotes.
  • The recommended length is 150 to 160 characters.

Keyword Phrases

It is significant that your content must be relevant and unique. In case you have many pages with the same content. There will be a risk of getting penalized by search engines. As a result, the SEO ranking of your website will suffer.

Best practice is to follow so you can be SEO Hero is:

  • To create content that is related to the keyword.
  • It is great SEO practice to include links from other pages that brings the user back to this page.
  • The best amount to use keywords is 4 times.
  • Creating unique content for every medium is best practice.

Header Tags

The header tag is much like the main theme of your web page. The objective of the tag is to break up the content and make it easy for the bots to read. The tag must be included on the page to which you want to drive traffic.

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